About AuthenticFit

Hello reader,

My name is Lennart de Jong and I’m a big classic menswear enthusiast and history buff. At the time of writing I’m 21 years old and my journey started when I was 19. The #menswear community is a small one, but I think I can contribute to it in a positive way. First, there aren’t a lot of young guys with a unique style. I learned a lot about classic menswear the hard way. You can read my first blog posts for more information. If I can help you avoid these mistakes I have done my job!

My main focus is making sure that menswear is approachable. I’m a young guy, with not a lot of leeway in my budget. That forces me to be creative with my clothing and to buy the best I can afford. Of course, I commission ‘expensive’ bespoke pieces, but I cannot afford to make mistakes, so a lot of research goes into these commissions. I can keep this process to myself, but I think it is a lot more fun if I share these experiences.

Since I like history so much, I look at the past for my inspiration. That does make me old fashioned, but I like that! Does it mean that I lost my foot in the current generation? I hope not! I’m not trying to live a life in the past. That means that I try to make my outfits in an old-fashioned way with a touch of my own style and a touch of newness. When looking at the past, craftsmanship is an integral part of clothing. I like old worldly stuff, and craftsmanship is the closest thing to it.

Another big focus of this blog is my philosophy in dressing. My mindset, so to speak. In today’s world I see a lot of fast-fashion. Some people do things because everyone else is doing it. That, for me, is a no go. I do things because it is a sensible thing to do, I did my research and chose to wear it. Most of the things come down to personal style. Looking at others for a validation in the way you are dressing gets you dragged along with trends. When you find your own identity, you can make your own choices and stick with it. That way you are not an easy target for the big fashion corporations and you will wear your clothing much, much longer. I cannot ‘teach’ you how to find your own identity in dress (read: style) because everyone is different. I hope I can encourage you to start searching for it and embrace it, and remember; don’t let fear hold you back!

Yours truly,

Lennart de Jong

August 14th,  2018