Transitioning to a summer wardrobe

It’s always a lot of work to store your winter clothes and get the summer linens out. It’s even harder to get confronted with all the clothing you didn’t wear that fall/winter. What a shame that I didn’t get to wear my beloved rollneck sweaters. Then comes the real hassle, how do you store your clothing while also making sure that moths don’t get to them?

First of all, wash your sweaters before you store them. It’s not hard to wash your sweaters. Fill a large bucket with lukewarm water (better a bit colder than warmer). Get yourself some wool detergent and pour it in. Put one sweater in the water, let it soak and press (don’t wring). Don’t use the water again as the colour from the last sweater can get through to the other ones… Afterwards, put it in a wash bag and tumble dry (around 1600 turns is as high as I would go). Afterwards spread the sweater back into shape and leave it to dry at a towel.

Afterwards, I put them in a special vacuum bag and store them at the back of my closet. No way a moth can get to them. (I do the same with fabric for bespoke commissions).

It’s harder with suits and trousers. You can vacuum them too but they will be all wrinkled when you get them out of storage. I will put them in a suit bag whit a lot of lavender around them and pray that no moth will find them. Until now I never had any moths, I hope it stays that way.

For socks and ties, I’m a bit more careless. My ties never get any protection from the moths. My wool socks do get some lavender scent around them. The last part is cotton trousers that are too heavy for summer, I will hang them all in a bag and be done with it. I do the same with wintery dress shirts.

Afterwards, I will clean my whole closet. Moths love dust, so better get rid of it. Afterwards, I will get my summer clothes and arrange them in my closet. This process takes a month if you want to do it in a day be my guest, but I found it too much work for one day. Better do one thing at a time.

Let me know how your wardrobe transition looks like!

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