What is style?

Yesterday I was inspired by an article from ‘Thehogtownrake’ blogger Pedro Mendes. He talked about the best-dressed man in Italy. It wasn’t a young fashion-forward guy but unsurprisingly an older man, wearing clothing he wore for many many years. I talk a lot about style and the style journey I think the time has come to clarify that word: style.

There are two different meanings for the word style. The first is style closely related to stylish. This Is a man that dresses nicely and always is put together. I think that this style is something everybody can get because, in essence, this is just knowing the rules about: fit, colour combining and a sense of occasion. I think that this way of dressing is perfectly fine, but at the same time, I think that it is somewhat shallow. Why? Because dressing is so personal and something that really needs to resonate with the inner-self. This is where another definition for style comes along. That is the expression of oneself by dressing and defining your own sense of dressing. This style cannot be faked, you can see it from miles away and you also can feel it. Every rule can be broken, clothes can be old and sometimes even a bit dirty but the way the men are wearing the clothing makes it work. Some people have asked me how that is possible, there is only one explanation and that is the fact that these men are comfortable with themselves and like to show a small portion of that comfort with others. They don’t care what you think about their style, not because of ignorance but because they don’t need your approval for the way they dress.

This may also be the reason why most men with personal style are older. Why is that? Because to get comfortable in your clothing means that you need to wear it many times. When I first started wearing a hat I watched my reflection every chance I got, and every time I saw that reflection I asked myself what other people would think. I fiddled with the hat and I timidly looked at the people that stared at me, most of the time we made brief I contact and I would look down. To say that I was over-aware of my hat is an understatement. Two years later I wear a hat and completely forget about it, when people stare at me I give them a stare back and smile. Sometimes I even question why they stare at me. Does this mean that I have style? No, but it’s a small step. You first need the confidence to start wearing something and then persist in it so it becomes part of your personality.

Confidence in dress is admirable, but it comes from within. I think that lack of confidence is the biggest part of a badly dressed men. He who is confirming his identity to the current fashion norms. Instead, he confirms the clothing to his identity. You need courage and persistence to do it correctly. In that way people are right, not everybody has the style you have been born with it. When you aren’t born with it you can still train yourself and get that courage and persistence. Just read the bestseller ‘think and grow rich’ and implement is not only in your business life but also in you dressing life!

Good Luck!

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Photo credits: The Sartorialist 

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