Vintage flair at Tommy Page

At Monday 3 September 2018 I visited Tommy Page in Amsterdam. A small boutique (he calls it a ‘mantique’) dedicated to vintage menswear. Tommy was in store and waited for me after closing hour. So I didn’t have a lot of time to try everything he had in store for me. Tommy is friendly and really dedicated to everything vintage he also really cares about the stuff he sells. He told me that there is a bespoke tailor at the premises, he only is there at Wednesday’s. He specializes in patterns from the twenties to the fifties.

Let’s get back to Tommy Page. Why am I excited about this place? The fact is that there aren’t a lot of dedicated vintage menswear boutiques in The Netherlands. The second thing is the collection, Tommy makes sure that the stuff he sells is high quality. Good fabrics, nice jackets with little to no stains or holes. His tie collection consists of timeless classics with a lot of variation in pattern and size. Most of the ties are from before the eighties, he told me that most of the ties he sells are handmade from England or France. Of course I had to try some jackets, it was a lot of fun to see the different silhouettes from all kinds of eras. I never tried a really square shoulder from the forties, so that’s something getting used to.

At the beginning of my style journey I bought a lot of vintage clothing. Now I only buy bespoke because I cannot make vintage clothing really my ‘own’. For men starting out on their own style journey it’s perfectly fine to buy vintage. Most of the time it’s much better quality than what you find in stores in this day and age, and the prices are much lower. Of course you have to know what you are doing, otherwise you risk looking like me at the beginning. One guy you can go to for inspiration is Ethan Wong. He wears a lot of vintage clothing but doesn’t look like he came straight out of the thirties. He gives his clothing a modern twist so it looks vintage and modern at the same time. Of course it’s perfectly fine to wear only vintage, but I cannot do that because I feel like I’m wearing a costume instead of normal clothes. If you can, rock your world!

He also has some old-stock (tweed) fabrics in store. He told me that he doesn’t sell them by the metre. Maybe I can persuade him to let me buy some cloth for a jacket. There is nothing better than real good old vintage tweed. That’s something Tommy and I share, good old cloth is running out and the stuff mills produce today are most of the time of inferior quality. It’s really a shame and I don’t see that changing in the near future.

This is it for now, I will revisit this incredible store and get to meet Tom van het Hof. He is the young bespoke tailor I talked about. I hope to order something from him.

Until then goodbuy everyone.

Do you want to visit Tommy Page? Here is the address:
Prinsenstraat 7
1015 DA Amsterdam
Tel. 020-3307941

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